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Facebook the biggest social networking site in the world with more than 1.5 billion active monthly users every month, became very popular at the very beginning days.

In the very beginnig of the Facebook foundation many people with money and having strong companies over the world had tried to give offer to the Facebook co-founder and the CEO of the company Mark Zuckerberg to sell Facebook to them. It was the believe of the CEO to make Facebook a very strong company and he turned down all the offers and cash.

Here are the list of the 10 companies who tried to buy Facebook when it was set up.
1. In June 2004, an unknown financier from New York offered $10 billion but "20 years old Mark Zuckerberg didn't even thought for a second" said David Kirkpatrick in The Facebook Effect.

2. According to some documents Business Insider Friendster was also one of the early bidder for Facebook.

3. In summer 2004 a couple of Google executives came over to see if there might be a to work with the Facebook or even buy it.

4. In March 2005, Viacom Washington's post company offered Facebook $75 million, to buy the company. Mark could have earned $35 million on the spot but the offer was rejected.

5. In 2005 MySpace also tried to buy the Facebook, the MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe visited Mark and his team but the Facebook team only mate Chris because they thought he was an interesting guy and they were curious about MySpace.

6. MySpace's new parent company News Corp also wanted to buy Facebook but he was worried he might not keep up its grow.

7. And then the Viacom came back again in 2005, Focus group told the MTV viewers are spending more and more time on Facebook, CEO Tom Freston again offered a beautiful deal but mark wasn't interested and it was a no thank you meeting.

8. Then it was NBC in 2005, who tried but Mark wasn't interested.

9. And desperate Viacom came back again in 2006 again. In early 2006, Viacom came with an interesting deal of $1.5 billion deal, $800 billion in cash. The Facebook was almost sold, according to The Facebook Effect, but Facebook wanted a bigger payment and the Viacom's CFO was nervous for paying so much for a company with such small revenues. The deal fell apart. Viacom never came back again.

10. In the summer 2006,it was Yaho decided to offer Facebook $1 billion. Facebook's investors and many of its executives wanted to sell. But Facebook was about to launch the News Feed, and if it went well, Mark Zuckerberg calculated the figure that company would be worth way more than a $1 billion.

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