Sunday, 17 January 2016

90% of smartphone users are suffering from this syndrome

In this very busy world everyone of us now have a smartphone. And most of us are now suffering from a syndrome. Mostly 9 out of 10 peoples are suffering from a disease called "phantom vibration syndrome"-- where they think that their phone is ringing in their pocket.

Dr. Rober Rosenberger , philosopher and assistant professor at Georgia Institute of technology, said that the phenomenon was observed by "learned bodily habits."
Research, published in Computers in Human Behaviour journal, says that a person by leaving a phone in their pocket it becomes the "part of the body" in the same wearing a glass as it we always forget they are there.
"people then perceive other sensations such as movement of clothing of muscle spasms as vibrations from your mobile, but it's just a hallucination," said the professor.

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