Friday, 1 January 2016

The STRANGEST FACTS about the technology
1.160 billion emails are sent daily, 97.2% of which are spam.
Spam generates 33bn KWt-hours of energy every year which is a healthy enough to power 2.4 million homes, producing 17 million tons of CO2.
2. Amazon was a prited book seller originally now it sells more e-book than printed books.
3.There are more than 4 billion cell phones are in use and about 3 million cell phones are sold every day.
4. The first virus on the phone was Cabir.A, appeared in 2004.
5. Facebook has over one billion registered user, if it would have been a 3rd largest country if it were a country.
6. The first banner advertisement on the internet was introduced in year 1994.
7. Email was already around before the world wide web came.
8. One google search produces about 0.2g of CO2. But since you hardly get an answer from one search, a typical search session produces about the same amount of CO2 as does boiling a kettle.
9. Google handles about 1 billion search queries per day, releasing some 200 tons of CO2 per day.
10. is the first and the oldest domain name. It completed 30 years on 15th march 2015.
11. While it take 38 years to radio, a short 13 years to television the world wide web took only 4 years to reach 50 millions users.
12. Every 10 minutes there is an upload of 10  hours of video on youtube.
13. The average computer user blinks seven times a minute, less than half the nomal  rate of twenty.
14. The first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey.
15. Mark Zuckerberg's original Facebook Profile Number Id is 4.

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