Friday, 15 January 2016

Facebook borrows the idea of Hash tags from Twitter

Recently, Facebook added a new feature of Hash Tags. For people using twitter, this is the same thing that Twitter has been doing all since the very beginning.

On Twitter, you can follow conversations using hash tags because there is nothing like posts and comments, no system of organised threads like Facebook. Which makes me come to my point, does Facebook even need Hash tags ??

Its actually very annoying, people will now use Hash Tags for spamming and other purposes. On Twitter, Hash Tags were necessary so as to surface conversations and such is the nature of the micro blogging medium that you can follow random topics. Facebook on the other hand is way too much closed in its approach. You have limited people who you can interact with and whose status updates you can see.

I believe, more than anything, Facebook has earned itself the title of Copycat rather than innovator. It earlier copied the blackberry messenger style double ticks in its chat so as to notify whether the recipient has tread the message or not. Not to mention all the talk surrounding the very idea behind Facebook having been taken from someone else.

Brace yourself for all the mad spamming, all thanks to uncle Zuckerburg.

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